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Lesson 2: Introduction to Biological Databases

Dr. Teerasak E-kobon (Mon 23/01/2017)

Lecture note : Introduction to Biological Databases

Tutorial :Database search: word file


Lesson 7: RNA Structure Prediction

Dr. Teerasak E-kobon (Mon 13/03/2017)

Lecture note : RNA Structure Prediction


Lesson 9: Protein Function Prediction

Dr. Teerasak E-kobon (Mon 27/03/2017 for BioSci; Mon 3/04/2017 for Regular)

Lecture note :  Protein function prediction

Practical: Protein fumction prediction


Lesson 10: Introduction to Proteomics

Dr. Teerasak E-kobon (Mon 10/04/2017 for Regular)

Lecture note :  Introduction to Proteomics