Teaching is the most important duty for preparing the next generation and distributing our research knowledge to society. KrooArt has paid a lot of attention to the development of academic learning and biological computing skills in the 21st century. Excellent opportunities allow KrooArt to participate and involve in different levels of science education: high school, undergraduate, and graduate studies. 

High school education:

It is KrooArt chance to involve teaching and managing biology classes at Thanyarat school, Thunyaburi, Pathum Thani. Instead of regular lecturing and tutoring, KrooArt has taken the opportunities to design, implement, discuss, and improve several teaching and managing methods for high school students derivatized from the provided curriculum. Teaching and observation of student learning styles and attitudes will be useful for curriculum design and teaching in the university.

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University education:

For higher education, KrooArt emphasizes on the development of higher learning skills for the 21st century which will help graduates able to understand and solve real problems by applying their core knowledge and skills. Less lecture-based styles have been reduced and transformed into a more active class environment with the assistant of available applications and programs. KrooArt has tried the concept of transformation in both small and large classrooms. Limitations and problems have been experienced and improved.

Bioinformatics subjects:

KrooArt teaches several subjects related to bioinformatics which include

  • Introduction to bioinformatics (01416454)
  • Bioinformatics (01416561)
  • Bioinformatics for data analysis and applications (01416661)
  • Computation Biology (01416461)
  • Advanced computational biology (01416562)
  • Python programming for bioinformatics (01444311)
  • Laboratory in python programming for bioinformatics (01444312)
  • Python modules for bioinformatics (01444313)
  • Laboratory in python modules for bioinformatics (01444314)
  • Systems biology


Genetics and other related subjects:

  • Principle of genetics (01416311)
  • Laboratory in genetics (01416312)
  • Molecular cell genetics (01416451)
  • Forensic biology 
  • Animal systematics
  • Basic research in bioscience and technology